Arrigoni 1913
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Arrigoni 1913

Arrigoni 1913

Toscane Domaine viticole / Vigneron San Gimignano
San Gimignano is a small town in Tuscany located south-west of Florence. Surrounded by 13th-century walls, the centerpiece of its historic center is Piazza della Cisterna, a triangular square lined with medieval houses. In the skyline of medieval towers, the stone Torre Grossa stands out.
In San Gimignano, Pietraserena develops on both sides of the hill, heading north-north east. Since 1966 the winery have experienced a constant territorial expansion, starting from the initial 7 hectares until reaching the current extension of about 42 hectares. Being in the heart of the municipality of San Gimignano, the main grape variety was naturally Vernaccia di San Gimignano, the first wine to obtain the doc in Italy. Sangiovese was subsequently planted, the main grape variety in Tuscany and all of Italy, and which in our company gives life to our most representative "crus", Caulio and Poggio al Vento. Each vineyard, delimited and circumscribed, has its own distinctive name, from which we derive the grapes which are vinified separately. Once the wine is obtained, the various blends are made, which have always characterized our bottles.

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Località Casale, 5, 53037 San Gimignano, SI, Italie Italie

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